We must say that we really very much enjoyed our tour of North India and your company was largely responsible for this, so thank you. There was a little difficulty with our return flight being cancelled but with help from Kichner our marvellous driver we were able to get alternative flights with no real difficulty, as you say it was not your fault or responsibility .
In terms of improving your attractiveness to other British or European tourists I suggest the following:-

  1. A better and more accessible web site, one your strengths is that your prices are lower than the equivalent European based tour groups with the added advantage of local knowledge , so you could really bring this out in the advertising on line.
  2. Your guides varied , they were all enthusiastic regarding their home towns but always took us to shops which were very expensive, some assistance with getting Indian prices for goods would have been good.
  3. The hotels were all good, we liked the Vivaana in Mandawa best! just brilliant!
  4. We loved all the forts palaces and Temples, stunning!!, one part that did not work was when the guide in Jodhpur recommended a Jeep safari, this was simply terrible and should not be on a Great Escapes itinerary, I have to say Kichner was not approving of it.

I am just sorry I did not get to meet you Binu to thank you personally for all you hard work in preparing for our visit, I wish you and your family well.

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